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Acrylic & Traditional Stucco

Acrylic Traditional Stucco 1) Substrate
2) Weather Resistant Barrier - 2 Layers
3) Galvanized Wire Mesh
4) Drymix Coat
5) Primer
6) Acrlic Finish Coat
7) Plaster Stop
8) Metal Flashing

The ACRYLIC STUCCO SYSTEM is a cladding assembly that incorporates our company’s acrylic finish coatings installed over a proprietary, code-conforming stucco (portland cement plaster) base coat. The base coat is factory-blended and engineered to reduce shrinkage and cracking. The acrylic finish coat provides increased weather-fastness and aesthetic value. The finishes are available in several textures and a wide range of colours. The system affords creative architectural design, with the use of reveals, battens and cornice details.

The FIBRECEMENT system is an alternative to traditional 3/4” stucco claddings. The system utilizes LAHABRA WALL proprietary basecoat, a polymer-modified 1/2” fibre-reinforced basecoat. The FIBRECEMENT system installs in less time and at a lower cost versus traditional stucco mixes, while providing a lighter and more durable system. EPS insulation board can be incorporated into the FIBRECEMENT system to provide additional R-value to the wall assembly. An acrylic finish coat is applied over the basecoat to provide a durable and aesthetically pleasing surface coating.


Acrylic Traditional Stucco Stucco Plus incorporates a polymer-enhanced, fibre-reinforced base coat for superior adhesive and cohesive strength, as well as a polymer-based finish which is available in a variety of textures and infinite colours. Metal lath is not required when applying Stucco Plus to cast-in place concrete or concrete masonry units. Please refer to our system specifications for further details.

Stucco Plus can be adapted to rainscreen construction with the placement of a drainage mat or wood strapping between the sheathing membrane and the metal lath. Please refer to our system specifications for further details.